In the next couple of articles, I’ll set up an elevator that the Player will call by pressing the “E” key near an elevator call panel.

First, I’ll be setting up the behavior of the panel. For example, I want the button to change color when the Player presses the “E” key, and also, I only want the “E” key to work if the player is near the elevator panel.

To detect when the Player is in front of the panel, I’ll use a Box Collider. …

Today, I’ll add a lives display to the game and have the Player respawn when they fall off a platform.

First, I’ll create a variable for lives in the Player script and set it to 3.

Then I’ll duplicate the Coin Text under the canvas and change the name to Lives and change the text in the textbox to “Lives:”

In this part of the article, I’ll be fixing a small problem with the Player on the platform.

You can see that the Player does not move with the platform, and if I do not move the Player, it will slide off of the platform. To fix this, I’ll have the Player set as a child of the platform when on the platform, then unparent it when jumping off.

First, I’ll add a second box collider to the Moveable_Platform, adjust it up just a little bit, and set it to Is Trigger.

In this article, I’ll create movable platforms that can provide an extra challenge to the Player.

I’ll first rename one of the platforms to Moveable_Platform and make 2 duplicates of the platform.

Next, I’ll rename the 2 duplicates to Target_A and Target_B. These will serve as the two points that the platform will move between, so I’ll move them to where I want to platform to go.

In this article, I’ll be setting up the spheres we have to be collected by the player and setting up a UI display to show how many have been collected.

The first thing I did was to create a UI Text object named Coins. I then changed the text body to Coins: 0 and placed it in the upper left corner of the game screen.

Next, I created a script named Collectible, which will be used for all collectible objects in the game. I also renamed the spheres to Coins in the Hierarchy and made them a prefab.

In this second part of my article on creating a Character Controller for the 2.5D Platformer, I’ll be setting up the Gravity, Jumping, and Double-Jumping for the Player.

I’ve already created a variable for gravity and will set it to 1.0f for the moment and adjust it later if needed. To check for gravity, I’ll use a method from the Character Controller called isGrounded to see if the Player is standing on something. If it is true, I’ll do nothing for the moment, and if it is false, I’ll apply gravity.

This now provides gravity so that the Player can…

In this article, I’ll be setting up a physics-based character controller for the Player through the script. The Player will have horizontal movement, gravity, jump, and double jump all through scripting.

First, I’ve set up a very basic level using primitives. I have a few platforms, some spheres to act as collectibles, and a capsule for the player.

To set up the player, first, I will remove the Capsule Collider since the Player will not use it. Then I’ll add a Character Controller component.

I’m going to be starting the next course in the developer program. It is making a 2.5D Platformer from scratch.

I’ll be making the character controller with movement, jump and double jump, wall jumping, ledge climbing, and other features.

I’ll start off using primitives like below and then integrate full graphics into the game.

This article will be setting up the security cameras to detect Darren when he comes within their range.

Under each of the cameras under Camera > Camera_1 there is an object named CameraCone. These have a Convex Mesh Collider, which we can use to detect Darren using OnTriggerEnter.

To get this started, I’ll create a script named SecurityCamera and place it on both CameraCone objects.

In this article, I’ll be setting up the movement for the security cameras.

I’ll be using the Animation system to animate the panning movement for the cameras. Since the same animation and controller can be used for both cameras, I will focus on the first camera, then copy everything over.

I make sure the Camera_1 object under SecurityCameras > Camera is selected, then go to Window > Animation > Animation.

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I'm a Unity developer.

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