Timeline is a built-in function included with Unity that provides the ability to add and animate a timeline event. Timeline is opened by going to Window > Sequencing > Timeline.

Opening Timeline

First, to keep things organized, I’ll create a Timeline folder inside the Game folder.

In this article, I’ll go over the first steps in composing the elements for a cutscene. Composing the scene consists of setting up the cameras for the angles you’ll be using to film the cutscene.

For the first camera, there is a supplied example drawing that will be used to adjust the camera location.

I’ll set up a virtual camera using Cinemachine by going to Cinemchine > Create Virtual Camera. …

Today's article is going to go over reflections in Unity. Two ways to accomplish this are Reflection Probes and the new Screen Space Reflections, which are part of the Post Processing stack. I’ll go over the Reflection Probes first.

You can see below in the Scene View that the doors and wall section are not being reflected in the floor even though the outside environment is. Adding a Reflection Probe fixes this and gives a nice overall reflection as though the custodial staff just waxed everything thoroughly.

Creating a Reflection Probe is done by going in the Hierarchy, clicking the…

In today’s article, I’ll go over setting up a skybox for the scene in The Great Fleece.

First, I’m going to create a new material and name it NewYork_Skybox. Then under the shader, instead of standard, I’ll use the dropdown menu and select Skybox > 6 Sided.

That gives me six texture spaces that need to be filled.

Today I’m going to discuss Light Probes and show the basics of how to create and use them.

Light Probes pick up light from emissions and display them onto dynamic objects. So, for example, if an NPC walks by the desk in our scene with the bank of monitors, they will pick up the emissions from the monitors even though there is no actual light source in there.

Below I show how moving the dynamic sphere object picks up emissions lighting along the monitors and cube, which has its own emissions.

Now to create a Light Probe Group, I can…

In today’s article, I will go over making a transparent window out of the object on the left in the picture below.

Element 3 is being used for the actual glass part of the window. The first thought that may come to mind would be to open up the Albedo channel for the Plain 2 material and move the Alpha channel to be more transparent. However, trying that below shows that it will not work that way.

In this article, I’ll cover using emissions to create light without actually needing a light source. I’ll use the display case below from the scene to explain.

If we look at the material below for the display, we see it has all the usual maps like Albedo, Normal, and even Occlusion. But this one also has an Emission map.

In the next few articles, I will be going over working with objects in the environment by adding and manipulating materials to improve their appearance. I’ll also be showing some ways lighting can be adjusted in the scene.

So let’s get started. In the picture below, there are two pillars. I’m going to go over adjusting the material shader and the Albedo channel for the one on the right to make it look more like the one on the left.

By selecting the Grey pillar on the left and then the Albedo color from the Inspector, the color of the…

Objective: Give the Boss Enemy attacks to use on the player, two basic attacks, and one special attack.

My current goal is to have enemy lasers that fire from five locations on the Boss, missiles that target the player’s position, and the special attack will be an unavoidable lightning attack from two lightning rods on the Boss ship.

The first thing I did is to create a new asset for the boss instead of the red hexagon. I did this in Photoshop by chopping up the existing player and enemy sprites and putting them together differently. …

Brian Branch

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