Bringing the game to AAA status with Post Processing.

In our previous article, we set up our game so that we can use Post Processing. This time we’re going to explore a few settings to enhance the visual appeal of the game.

One of the things we didn’t do previously was setting our Main Camera to show the effects from Post Processing. We need to select the Main Camera and click Add Component, and the component we want to add is Post Processing Layer.

The Layer by default in the Post Processing Layer component is set to Nothing. We need to create a Layer for Post Processing and select that instead. We go to the Hierarchy and select the Post Processing Volume, then at the top of the Inspector, we select the Layer dropdown and Add Layer. Then we create a new layer called Post Processing. Then we select the Main Camera and set the layer to the new Post Processing layer.

Now we can start adding effects. Let’s add Bloom and see how that looks. Select Post Processing Volume, then in the Inspector, click Add Effect and select Bloom.

Now let's make some adjustments with Bloom and see how they affect our game. Here is a screenshot of our Asteroid exploding without any effects added.

Now below is a screenshot with the Bloom Intensity increased. You can see it makes the explosion as well as the rocket trail from the ship brighter.

Next, we’ll add the effect for Color Grading and see what that can change. We do it the same way by clicking Add Effect and selecting it in the dropdown.

Below is the screenshot from before of our Asteroid exploding without any effects added.

Next is a screenshot with some coloring effects added with the Bloom.

This is just a tiny sample of the changes you can make with Post Processing. The possibilities are much too numerous to fit into a short article. There are many additional resources online and some excellent videos that go into more detail about the available options.

I hope this tiny taste of Post Processing has made you interested in learning more. And as always, I wish you luck on your coding journey.



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