Galaxy Shooter: Prototype to Production.

Brian Branch
2 min readApr 8, 2021

Now is the time to start replacing our cubes and capsules with some actual graphics for the game. We are going to start by importing appropriate assets into our project. Once the assets were imported, the first thing I did was to add new background.

Nice, but we want our player, the enemies, and the lasers to look like they belong in space and not in Minecraft. So let’s get started by replacing the player first. Now we do have a nice player sprite just for this.

You can see the ship will look much better than the plain blue cube. However, it is a bit big for the screen. We will make it a bit smaller and set it as the player object for the game.

Okay, that looks better. But because our player is now a 2D object and doesn’t have a collider attached, it’s not colliding with the enemies. I will go ahead and replace both the enemies and the lasers to see how things will look from there.

Now things are starting to look like a real game. Next, we will discuss the benefits of using simple primitives for prototyping instead of using full assets from the start. I hope you found this interesting and as we advance, we will be incrementally adding more functionality to the game to make it even more enjoyable. Until next time I wish you well on your coding journey.