Phase II: Player Ammo

Objective: Visualize on screen the ammo count of the player in the form of current/max.

This feature is pretty straightforward to implement. Since there is already an ammo count from a previously added feature, I only need to provide the current ammo and compare it to the max ammo.

In the UIManager script, I create a private Serialized int named maxAmmo and set it to 15.

Then in the UpdateAmmo() method where I update the _ammoCountText.text, I change it to include the maximum ammo.

This will now show the current and maximum ammo amounts.

This is probably the easiest of the new features to add to the game since the framework for it had already been added.

The next article will be about creating a wave system for the enemies.

So until next time, I wish you well on your own coding journey.

I'm a Unity developer.

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Brian Branch

Brian Branch

I'm a Unity developer.

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