The Great Fleece: Adding a Skybox

In today’s article, I’ll go over setting up a skybox for the scene in The Great Fleece.

First, I’m going to create a new material and name it NewYork_Skybox. Then under the shader, instead of standard, I’ll use the dropdown menu and select Skybox > 6 Sided.

That gives me six texture spaces that need to be filled.

Now, there is a SKybox folder with the cube map textures labeled 0–5. So, I’ll put those into the texture spaces in order from top to bottom.

As I placed each texture into the corresponding slot, Unity built the Skybox, which can be seen at the bottom.

Next is actually to apply the Skybox for the scene. This is done by going to Window > Rendering > Lighting. Then select the Environment Tab and replace the Skybox Material with the NewYork_Skybox that was created.

The Skybox is now active and working, which shows in both the Scene view and the Game View.

That’s how a Skybox is created and applied. I hope you found this interesting and potentially learned something.

Until next time, as always, I wish you luck on your coding journey.



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