The Great Fleece: Animate Objects Using Timeline

Today I’m going to go over how to animate objects in the scene using the Timeline. I’ll be adding the animation for Darren to the Timeline to preview his animation without needing to play the game.

The first thing is to place Darren near the door. Also, I’ve created an empty Gameobject named Level_Complete_Cutscene and placing the prefab for the Win_Level_Cutscene inside, and renamed it to Actors.

Then I select the scene, and in the Timeline window, click create to create a new Timeline. Next, I browse to the folder for my Timelines, name this Timeline appropriately, and click save.

Now I click the “+” in the Timeline window and select animation track. Once I have the track, I drag Actors into the track, as shown below.

Next, I select the three dots, as shown below, and select Add From Animation Clip. In the window that opens, I find and select EndLevelCutscene.

And we can now use the Timeline to watch our animation.

This is just the basics of adding an Animation to a Timeline, and there is much more that can be done. For example, you could also add multiple animations that play one after another or after a prescribed time.

I hope you found this article interesting, and as always, I wish you all the best on your coding journey.

I'm a Unity developer.

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Brian Branch

Brian Branch

I'm a Unity developer.

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