The Great Fleece: Composing a Scene

In this article, I’ll go over the first steps in composing the elements for a cutscene. Composing the scene consists of setting up the cameras for the angles you’ll be using to film the cutscene.

For the first camera, there is a supplied example drawing that will be used to adjust the camera location.

I’ll set up a virtual camera using Cinemachine by going to Cinemchine > Create Virtual Camera. After renaming the camera CM_OTS_Shot (OTS for Over the Shoulder), I’ll frame the shot using the Scene view then select the virtual camera and go to GameObject > Align with View.

Now, I need to set up the second camera. I’ll create the second camera like before and use the depiction below to line up the camera in the same way.

This puts both of the cameras in the correct place to start the cutscene.

In the next article, I will be using Timeline to create the cuts.

So until next time I wish you well on your coding journey.



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