The Great Fleece: Using a Dolly Track

In movies, they use something called a Dolly to follow the action more smoothly. Unity also has a Dolly Track that can move the camera around the scene along a prescribed path.

To create a Dolly camera, we go to Cinemachine > Create Dolly Camera with Track, as shown below.

This will create a Dolly Track but will also create a Virtual Camera. The additional Virtual Camera is not needed, so I’ll delete it.

In the Dolly Track, there is an option to create additional waypoints which determine the path the camera will follow along the Dolly.

Once the track is in a good place, and a couple of waypoints are added, the track can be curved by adjusting the waypoints like below.

That’s the basics of setting up a Dolly Track in Unity. I hope this was interesting and until next time, I wish you the best of luck on your coding journey.

I'm a Unity developer.

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Brian Branch

Brian Branch

I'm a Unity developer.

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